Preserving Vintage and Antique Fish Art.
Preserving Vintage and Antique Fish Art.
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šŸŽ£ Greetings, we are Vintage Fish ā€“ where fishing enthusiasts and lovers of the great outdoors come together. Our mission revolves around reviving vintage fish art, merging the excitement of the catch with the tranquility of nature. Through our curated reproductions, magnets, and prints, we bridge the gap between classic art and your passion for fishing. Let's unite in preserving history and bringing the allure of art to your outdoor realm ā€“ an everlasting connection between your love for fishing and artistic wonder. Join this journey; it's a catch that transcends time.

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We're focused onĀ increasing awareness ofĀ 19th centuryĀ Fish Art, Prints, and Illustrations.


  • Identifying works thatĀ are visually or conceptually compelling and historically relevant.
  • Increasing awarenessĀ of various artists, collections, and publications.
  • PromotingĀ conservationĀ through improving theĀ environment to preserve fisheries, watersheds, andĀ nature.
  • Making available high-quality reproduction historic prints available.


Living near the scenic Chesapeake BayĀ generations have enjoyed the watershedĀ and the deep history of fishing, crabbing, oystering, hunting, and various other waterman activities and many haveĀ illustrated their experiences.

Throughout the years enjoying the various watersheds in North America I've been fascinated by the art created through researching various types of fish and early conservation, research, and documentation efforts by anglers, sportsman, scientist, medical doctors, naturalist, and explorers as these individuals documented the fish they encountered. IĀ grew fond of these vintage and antique fish prints, art, and illustrations typically found amongst antiquities dealers in various forms.

It's fascinating to think about the ways in which these fine art illustrations were created. All of these fish had to be caught by an angler and a talented artist had to illustrate them, and than a very expensive (early 19th century) color plate than had to be created to distribute these as chromolithographs.

Vintage Fish is focused on identifying, preserving, and documenting the various fish prints and art in the 18th, 19th, and early 20th century. Unfortunately, many of theseĀ vintage illustrationsĀ are hard to find, are not well documented, badly damaged, and even lost. Our goal is to preserve, educate, and make available these prints as well as increase awareness around conservation for future generations.

Many of these fine prints were created in theĀ late 19th century soon after the color Chromolithograph was invented and many creations were part of largerĀ illustrations that were torn out, faded, worn, and stained over the last 100+ years or sold in pieces. Even some of the prints that were digitized by various libraries or preservation efforts; were of poor quality before technology resourcesĀ became more widely available.

Our goal is to make these fine works of art more widely available for folks to appreciateĀ the beauty from our collection.Ā We find the most artistic and interesting vintage and antique chromolithographs, digitally enhance them, and make them available as well as the original hard-to-find prints. Through this we hope to showcase the most beautiful and artistic vintage fish prints, make information about the publications, creators, and history more accessible well-known and ensure this beautiful history is not forgotten.


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